Archery 3D 1.0

Free Archery 3D is a first of the kind 3D game of archery with 3D graphics Engine
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Archery 3D is a first of the kind 3D game of archery with graphics similar to cartoons. It is a game of archery that provides the thrill of playing archery live through its 3D renderings. Archery 3D with its 3D engine provides a look and feel of the 3D environment. It beats its counterparts with 3D effects and real fun with carton based graphics. Archery 3D provides 3 difficulty levels ideal for suitable play for beginners and experts alike. Every difficulty level tests the skills through multiple levels. The game has game play suitable for kids and adults. Archery 3D has instructions and provides encouragements in the form of awards to keep playing the game repetitively. Easy game spans 40 yards while the normal spans 70 yards and the difficult spans 120 yards. Mouse controls the view and the game helping in alignment of bulls eye view to player needs. Easy level of the game is more of alignment of the bulls’ eye and can be stated as mouse control than aim. It is an ideal introduction for the beginner with the next levels slowly increasing the level of expertise needed to hit bull’s eye. Archery 3D does not demand high configuration and support Pentium III onwards but has a minimum 256 MB RAM and a 16 MB Graphics card. Archery 3D can be installed on both Windows and MAC operating systems.

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  • 3D graphics
  • Support to Pentium III systems
  • Both Mac and Windows Operating Systems Support
  • 3 Levels of game play


  • Minimum 256 MB RAM
  • Mouse movement not restricted to game when the game is minimized


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